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Miller Theater


Miller Theater


Nashville, TN

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Audio, Rigging


The historic Miller Theater was in desperate need of a $25 million overhaul of everything inside its walls. Mankin Media was called in to help ensure that the Audio system would be able to support both the Augusta Symphony as its main venue, and also support touring artists who would pack the theater. The desire was to honor the history of the theater and bring the theater into the twenty-first century for the technical systems.

4D Process


Flexibility was a big focus for the venue. Being able to host the Augusta Symphony and be able to support a touring artist who was bringing in their own gear was important. The touring arts needed an elastic system that would allow them to bring in their gear and plug-in to the house system, and do it even if the need was for a complex analog infrastructure.


Mankin Media worked with Kirkegaard Associates to finalize the plans for the installation of a L'ACoustics Kira PA that would connect each seat in the theater with the performance that was happening on the stage. There was an intense focus to ensure that every seat, from the very front row to the very back of the balcony had the same audio experience.


Because the Miller Theater is a historic venue, there were a number of unique challenges during the deploy, including a number of changes after the design was completed. Incorporating those changes and keeping to the timelines was an important requirement. The historical artwork and fittings needed to be watched over carefully, even as the entire audio system was being installed. Because of the size of the space, the runs for conduit were longer than normal which required careful planning and execution by the Mankin Media Deploy technicians.


Tech Highlights

11x Kara boxes flown on each side

11x SB18i Subs flown per side

8x compact 5XT coaxial speakers on the stage lip for front fill

3x X8 enclosures mounted under the very front of the balcony

3x 5XT mounted on the ceiling approximately 20 feet further back to cover the rest of the under-balcony seating

3x arrays of X12

10x LA4X amplified controllers are used to power and process the entire system

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The system will be able to easily handle a variety of production requirements for the future, even if those requirements are complex or nuanced. The Mankin team was able to partner with the Miller Theater to install an audio system that provides the flexibility and power that is needed for the Augusta Symphony and for any touring artists who come to the theater.

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