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Cross Point


Cross Point


Nashville, TN

Venue Seat Count



$500K +


Broadcast Video, Theatrical Lighting, Audio System Design, Production IT


2013 Commercial Integrator Best House of Worship Integration


After 10 years of growth, it was time for a new central broadcast campus that accommodated Cross Point’s growing audience. We had previously worked with the church at a couple of their satellite campuses, and so were intimately familiar with the current system. This knowledge paired with understanding what they hoped to accomplish equipped us to bring life to the church’s vision.

4D Process


Cross Point’s ability to dream is amazing. After deciding it was time for a central broadcast campus, they moved into a previously flooded, abandoned warehouse in the heart of Nashville. They have always relied on effective video and lighting tools, and knew that this campus would need to set the standard.


Efficiency and flexibility were two key components in the plan. To achieve maximum results within the budget, Cross Point reused an estimated 85% of existing A/V components in the new system. Due to their unique and ideal location in the city, they decided not only to design for their existing audience but also to make the space useful and attractive for other users.


From right after the new year until the week before Easter, there were just three months to install an ambitious video and lighting system. Not only that, but also transformed the warehouse to be their new main home, including a new steel infrastructure that would hold the trussing and hang points for the lights, video, and sound components.


Along with efficiency and flexibility, longevity was also part of this project's formula for success. Because of this, all of the technical components are broadcast-level equipment. This not only maximizes the system's lifetime but also minimizes required maintenance, which emphasizes the strategy of sustained excellence for the church.

Tech Highlights

The core of the video system features two 18′ wide Pro Pixel Products 6mm LED side screens and a 30mm open-frame LED digital backdrop, managed from a central control and machine room. The two side screens present the audience with a crisp, bright image of the live video feed to either side of the auditorium. The screens also display announcements, videos, and lyrics, and create scenic environmental elements – all of which are regular media components of a Cross Point service.

The digital backdrop LEDs have a wider pixel width because these screens are only ever used to create a programmable background, which can be customized to fit any mood or theme. The panels comprising these screens are completely modular and can be reconfigured in any number of combinations. For instance, the two 6mm LED wall screens can be taken from the sides and re-hung in the center of the room to create one big screen.

Lighting is based around a full broadcast-ready stage wash, augmented with Elation moving lights that intensify production, and highlight key moments throughout a service. This included 10 ETC conventional fixtures, six Elation intelligent fixtures, and all of the motors, rigging, and infrastructure needed to keep the system as user-friendly – and capable – as possible.

Launch Photo Gallery


While the construction and installation windows were incredibly tight, eight months of planning paid off when it came down to it. With regular meetings between ourselves, the general contractor, and the client, we were able to achieve the intended outcome on time.

We are excited about all the incredible things Cross Point has already accomplished with their new central hub, and look forward to where the church’s forward-thinking and active mentality takes them next!

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